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Alison Zeidler

Alison Zeidler, Muscle Tuner® Specialist; Certified Touch for Health® Instructor, Quantum Touch® Energy Healer and Holistic Wellness Facilitator.

Her specialty includes offering tools and assisting clients to clear imbalances to reconnect and reignite delight in life.

Alison’s session offerings include Holistic Wellness Facilitator, Muscle Tuners®, Touch for Health®, Heart Math and Energy Medicine for Animals and a 20 Minute Complimentary Introduction Session to help choose the modality best suited for your healing.

About Alison Zeidler

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Energy Medicine for Animals

Touch for Health

Muscle Tuners

Modality Descriptions

Heart/Math® is an innovative approach of tapping into the power of the heart which shifts from a state of chaos to calm increasing improved sleep, memory and making decisions.

Muscle Tuner® activates muscle reflexes to restore communication between the muscles, the nervous system and the brain.

Touch for Health® uses muscle testing to determine where stress is located physically, mentally and emotionally. Recognizing the connection of the brain to the body through the nervous system, Touch for Health® has developed many techniques to switch on neuro-muscular-electrical connections for greater energy, less pain and more mobility.

Energy Medicine for Animals utilizes a combined number of healing modalities to release emotional stress and trauma, decrease pain and discomfort, fear, anxiety, lowers stress, supports physical recovery for illness and releases trauma which helps behavioral Issues.

A Holistic Wellness Facilitator session may include Muscle Tuner®, Heart Math, Touch for Health®, Wellbeing/Wellness Coaching.

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