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Gina Fraundorfer

Gina Fraundorfer, Wellness Coach uses integrated health modalities to assist clients with their health. She is driven by her passion to connect with and ‘walk along side’ clients on their wellness journey.

Her specialty includes helping clients with bio energetic feedback, brain wave balance, reiki, cellular health and transformational therapy.

Gina's session offerings include Wellness Coaching, Reiki and a 30 Minutes Complimentary Consultation session to help choose the modality best suited for your healing.

About Gina Fraundorfer

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Energy Healing

Wellbeing/Wellness Coach

Modality Descriptions

Reiki is based on the principle that life force energy exists and is able to connect spiritual and energetic levels.

Energy Healing identifies the body’s energy levels and vibrational frequencies and utilizes the healing modalities required to restore optimum health.

Wellness Coaching includes a holistic approach to physical, emotional and mental health.

A Wellness Coaching session may include Bio Energetic Feedback Therapy, Energy Integration
Intuitive, Meridian Balancing, Transformational Therapy, Mindfulness Coaching, Spiritual Coaching.

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