Maree Piplovick

Are you a working woman in mid-life who is ready to break free from burnout?
Are you ready to reclaim your joy, focus and zest for life?

Maree Piplovick, Conscious Breathing Coach supports working women in mid-life to break free from the clutches of burnout and reclaim their joy, focus and zest for life. Maree is dedicated to helping her clients recharge, relax, and enhance their well-being.

Maree freed herself from the suffocating grip of burnout after 25 + years working as an IT Consultant. She has a profound understanding of the feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion, and discouragement caused by paralyzing burnout from cumulative stress. Maree knows firsthand the toll it can take on wellbeing and the ability to thrive.

Maree's session offerings include 'Breathing Package' and a 30 Minute Complimentary Consultation session.

About Maree Piplovick

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Breathing Package

Modality Descriptions

Book Now with Maree for a 30 minute Complimentary Consultation.
Let Maree assist you to overcome stress-induced barriers that perpetuate low energy and burnout.

We guarantee not to 'sell' ~ we only advise.

The 'Breathing Package' is a transformative investment in mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being,
offering 4 sessions totaling 8 hours of deep inner work.

Each 2-hour session combines Conscious Connected Breathing and Intuitive Coaching to help overcome
stress-induced barriers that perpetuate low energy and burnout

Ideal for those committed to self-care, this package recognizes that consistent practice is key to sustainable transformation.

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