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Permelia Parham

Permelia Parham, teacher and practitioner of energy and emotional healing for more than two decades, is both a Certified Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner, using these techniques to release unprocessed negative (trapped) emotions from clients’ subconscious mind for their best health and success in life.

Her specialty includes helping clients realign limiting beliefs, healing past lifetime energy, and teaching strategies to expand self-awareness and to become empowered to make positive life changes.

Permelia's session offerings include the Body Code, Realigning Limiting Beliefs, Healing Past Lifetime Energy and a 30 Minute Complimentary Consultation session to help choose the modality best suited for your healing.

About Permelia Parham

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Body Code/Emotion Code

Realigning Limiting Beliefs

Healing Past Lifetime Energy

Energy Healing

Modality Descriptions

Body Code/Emotion Code is an emotional healing technique that assists in identifying and releasing trapped emotions in the subconscious that create imbalances, misalignments and disconnections in the body.

Realigning Limiting Beliefs evaluates beliefs that hold negative energy. This session is a powerful way to release the negative, change old beliefs to new ones that increase a positive lifestyle.

Healing Past Lifetime Energy. This session identifies the energetic corrections required from past lifetimes to enhance the present.

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